Waypoint Washington MO Counseling

way.point noun
1 a stopping place on a journey; 2 a location of course-change along the way; 3 a point of reference useful in navigation


Welcome to Waypoint Counseling Services – Washington Mo counseling. Whether you are struggling with grief or anger, depression or stress, our counseling services can help.

Or perhaps you are already in a good solid place but you feel that it’s time to take your life to the next level. Our coaching services can give you the tune up you are looking for. I can help you remove the blind spots and bottle necks that are keeping you stuck in place.

Katie Walker Waypoint Counseling Washington MOEveryone has a different path to travel. At times that path is smooth and level. At other times it can be steep and rocky. A waypoint is a place of rest and refreshment, a place to become reoriented on your journey.

Professional counseling and Life coaching offer you the opportunity to effectively address issues in an objective, professional, and confidential manner utilizing client-centered approaches.

Let my experience providing words of encouragement and motivation help you as you pause to examine the issues concerning you.