How to Create an “Inner Calm” During the Holidays.

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It’s the most wonderful (and busy!) time of the year! Maybe so busy that you’re beginning to panic about whether everything will get done on time. This can easily lead to your “inner critic” working overtime as well.

Want to learn how to relax?  Today I’d like to help you quiet that inner critic by creating an “inner calm”.

Because things in my life are busy, too, I’ll simply share some advice from a great article about this issue. The author interviewed Martin E.P. Seligman, PhD, the University of Pennsylvania psychology professor most known for his theories on “learned optimism.” She shares the tips he uses to calm his own inner critic. I hope you find them helpful, too.

How to Create Your Inner Calm.  To summarize, we need to counteract the “catastophic thoughts” that cause us great anxiety but in reality have little chance of ever actually happening.

  • First, recognize that the thought is there.
  • Second, treat that thought as if it came from someone else, a person who is trying to make your life miserable.
  • Third, dispute that thought and offer evidence against it.

With a little practice, you will find yourself automatically using this technique whenever you start feeling overwhelmed.  If you would like to read the full article, you may do so by clicking here.

Enjoy your holidays! I’m looking forward to some family time this Christmas and the opportunity for a fresh start in the New Year!

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I look forward to helping you feel better!
Katie Walker, Licensed Professional Counselor


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