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Waypoint Coaching Services Washington MO deskLife Coaching From My Perspective. Coaching is designed to help you past a “stuck point” in your life.  Perhaps you feel like most things are running along fairly well, but in a couple areas you just can’t seem to move on.

Waypoint Washington MO Coaching can give you an outside perspective, helping you to enhance what you’re already doing well and transferring those skills to other parts of your life, as well as pointing out weak spots and suggesting ways to overcome them.

Think about how a sports coach trains team members.  The coach helps to develop natural abilities and also focuses practice sessions on areas that don’t come so naturally but are necessary to success.  A Life Coach functions in a similar manner.

In addition to working with you to enhance the skills and abilities you already have, I will suggest ways to practice skills that are more challenging for you. This can make a tremendous difference in your daily functioning.

Thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
The interaction of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors has a lot to do with how you view and interpret events in your life.  As your Life Coach, I will work with you to change some of your thoughts and behaviors, so you can feel better and work through your challenges to reach the other side.

You might discover that you have some old, outdated beliefs about yourself and the world around you.  Discarding them in favor of more truthful, realistic thinking could make a big difference in how you view the people and events of your life, increasing your daily feelings of happiness, peace, and contentment.  Perhaps you have some habitual behaviors that seem innocuous, however exchanging them for healthy, more intentional behaviors might be just the thing to shake you out of stagnation.

Mindfulness is one key to living a more fulfilled life.  We have grown up with the myth that multi-tasking is king.  As a result, we do many things seemingly at once, but any one of them gets only a tiny sliver of our attention and quality inevitably suffers.

Mindfulness is the concept of being in the moment, truly focusing on doing one thing at a time.  The goal is not perfection; I guarantee your mind will wander.  However, when it does, you can learn to bring it back to the task at hand, fully experiencing it and thus completing it more quickly and with greater quality.

Interpersonal effectiveness.
Interpersonal effectiveness is an area where Life Coaching can be beneficial.  Perhaps you feel the need to become demanding, loud, or dramatic in order to be heard, but you find that people still don’t listen to you.  Honing your interpersonal skills can improve friendships, family and coworker relationships, and even marriages.  Topics could include self-image, assertiveness, and boundaries.

Maybe things are running fairly smoothly, but something just seems off.  As your Life Coach, I can help you take a “big picture” view of your life and assess the current balance among the major areas of your health—mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual.  Together we can develop a plan to bring things into a healthier balance for you.

Maybe your balance is off because you put others ahead of yourself a little too often.  While this is commendable and often necessary, it is imperative to refill your own “emotional gas tank” if you are to have enough energy to truly help others.  This takes place across all areas of health.

Note: One primary difference between counseling and coaching is insurance reimbursement.  If you plan to use insurance benefits, they are processed through the mental health section of your plan.  Your counselor will assign a diagnosis, as minimal as possible, to use the medical insurance plan.  Topics discussed can even be similar to those described above, but the purpose of counseling is to provide treatment to relieve a named condition (e.g. anxiety, depression).  Life Coaching cannot be reimbursed by medical insurance, because the Coach and client are working together to enhance performance or get past a blind spot, not to relieve a specific condition.