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Individual counseling can help you deal with issues related to stress, depression, anger, grief, and anxiety using brief, solution-based therapy.

Depression can be difficult to cope with.  We can teach you to recognize your own pattern of symptoms, learn coping skills to manage and even decrease those symptoms, and help you gain a sense of power to influence the degree of depression.  In addition, you can learn the healthy type of acceptance that actually enhances your daily living.  You can make a difference in yourself!

Stress and the resulting anxiety are often more detrimental than we realize.  Did you know that “good” things can also be stressful?  By teaching you ways to decrease your baseline stress level, we can help you gain capacity to deal with the life stressors that come out of the blue.  Also, you will feel more confident and able to function at an optimal level in your daily life.  Poor nutrition is a common stressor that can be dealt with by learning some nutrition basics and making changes to daily habits.  We can teach you ways to increase nutritional quality and improve the functioning of the whole system of body and mind.

Grief is the process of coming to terms with a loss, whether it is a death or the loss of job, relationship, health, childhood, or expectations.  Events from the past sometimes have not been fully grieved and can impact your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors today.  We can help you identify and move through the stages of grief to a place of acceptance.  This does not mean you “like” the situation, but you come to terms with it and feel more prepared to move forward with your life.

Anger is an intense emotion with an energy of its own that many people find difficult to manage.  Some simmer quietly while others erupt like a volcano.  Learning about anger management can help you identify your own patterns of anger, discover other emotions underlying anger, and learn skills to effectively manage the emotions and resulting anger.   The benefits are reduced stress for you and more positive interactions with those around you.

Many people forget to consider their spiritual health when working toward improving their lives. We believe it is essential to access your faith as a means for growth and change.  Christian counseling is available to clients who desire this perspective.