What NOT to say to an anxious child.

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As parents, we always try to say the right thing. After all, we love our kids and desperately want to help them, right? But sometimes we find ourselves trying to help a child who is dealing with challenging emotional issues. It is at times like these that we are likely to spout out phrases reflexively, or purely based on logic. To a child dealing with anxiety, these phrases don’t help very much at all.

Today, I want to direct you to a blog post by life coach Renee Jain because it is so relevant! The author’s points about changing your perspective to assist anxious children can easily be applied to teens, adults, or even yourself. The phrases are straightforward and can be used immediately. Try one or more of them this week and start taming that anxiety!

5 Phrases to Avoid Saying to An Anxious Child (and 5 Alternatives)

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